10 Signs People Dislike You (Video) 🙅

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⑩→ They keep their distance(距離をとる)

⑨→ The tone of their voice gives them away(声のトーンが低い)

⑧→ They never listen(話を聞かない)

⑦→ They fake a smile(作り笑いをする)

⑥→ They compress their lips(唇をかむ)

⑤→ They rarely look you in the eye(たまにしか目を合わせない)

④→ They turn their feet away from you(脚の方向を自分に向けない)

③→ They scratch their neck(首を掻く)

②→ Their arms and hands say it all(腕や手のジェスチャー)

①→ They don`t mirror your body language(ジェスチャーをマネしない)


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