English Teaching Jobs 🤔

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Today we would like to talk about how to land a teaching job in Japan.

Nowadays, Japan has the most number of people who choose to go to an English Conversation School or what they call Eikaiwa.

With the great demand from the students, a lot of Eikaiwa schools, public and private schools are hiring foreign instructors or native speakers of English.

Many people want to know how to get a teaching job in Japan. Getting a teaching job here is not that complicated.

What to consider? What are the requirements?

This only applies to those foreigners who already have a visa and permitted to work in Japan. If you are outside Japan, you might as well look for an employer who will sponsor your visa.

①→ Have your resume ready.

Make it available to a large pool of employers. Register on some foreign job sites like Gaijinpot, Daijob, or Indeed Japan and publish your resume there. If you are a native from an English speaking country like the US, Canada, and Australia, you can have a great edge over other applicants. They actually prioritize people who have those nationalities.

②→ Location and salary.

If you want to be in a very busy place like Tokyo chances are the rent, transportation, and living cost will be higher compared to in the countryside. Relocation costs are extremely expensive here. Therefore, you have to look for jobs within easy commuting distance. Some of the schools will also require you to live within the vicinity of the school.

③→ Find the target market.

There are a lot of choices to choose from.

  • Assistant Language Teacher or what they call ALT. You will normally be working through a dispatch company and they will find you a place in a public school. You will work for 8 hours a day and have fixed monthly wages.
  • English Conversation School or what they called Eikaiwa. You are normally paid per hour. So, the more you teach the more you will earn.
  • Business English Instructor. This is also paid per hour and is higher than in English conversation schools. Classes normally take place after the employees have finished work.

Teaching in Japan can be an amazing experience and living there can provide so many possibilities and opportunities in life.

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