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Be careful what you have in your suitcases!! スーツケースの持ち物に注意してください!! 🧳

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Not permitted = 許可されていません↓

Most countries do not permit these items or things↓

①→ Certain animals (特定の動物)

②→ Animal products (動物用製品)

③→ Drug paraphernalia (麻薬道具)

④→ Certain medications (特定の薬)

⑤→ Certain pornography (特定のポルノ)

⑥→ Firearms & ammunition (銃器と弾薬)

⑦→ Certain plants & seeds (特定の植物と種子)

⑧→ Excessive amounts of money (過剰な金額)

⑨→ Certain fruits & vegetables (特定の果物と野菜)

⑩→ Excessive amounts of alcohol & tobacco (アルコールとタバコの過剰量)

Airport Customs = 空港税関↓

Airport Customs tips for you↓

①→ Do not tell lies to airport customs (空港税関に嘘をつかないでください)

②→ Make sure to declare everything at airport customs (空港税関ですべてを申告してください)

③→ If you make a false statement and airport customs find something that is not permitted in the country, you can be fined, arrested or deported.


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