America’s New President 🇺🇸

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Hope you’re having a great week so far!!

We’ve been pretty occupied this weekend because of the US Elections and finally, Sunday, November 8th, 2020 America has decided!

The newly elected President of the United States is Mr. Joe Biden from the Democratic Party.

The US faced one of the deepest divides in history because of the Election 2020. Some people are in favor of Trump and some are for Biden.

The world also watched the US election. Every country has their own thoughts and views regarding the result.

Here are some of the views from other countries.

🇯🇵Japan  Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga says that he will continue to try to keep the US happy and hold that alliance.

🇲🇽Mexico → President Andres Manuel Lopez said that they could have a better relationship with the newly elected President Joe Biden, as his presidency will mean less pressure for them.

🇨🇺Cuba  The Cuban government expects that the US will return to the Obama-era. Since the newly elected President, Joe Biden is Obama’s Vice President before.

🇬🇧The United Kingdom → They hope that the Biden administration will bring the American Foreign policy back into the fold of Western liberal consensus and it will retake position at the top.

🇩🇪Germany They said that under Joe Biden, The US and German relationship would become a partnership again. The US and Germany used to have a good relationship before but it is said that Trump has put an enormous strain on it.

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