Cheaper smartphone fees?? 😲

All well everyone??

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Have you heard the news about the plan of lowering smartphone fees??😲

As we are all aware, Japan is one of the countries that charge a lot when it comes to smartphone fees.

Just last October 28th, the Japanese government unveiled an action plan to lower the mobile fees!👏👏👏

The newly elected Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga pushed to lower the fees because Japan is said to have higher fees compared with other countries.

All of the mobile carriers in Japan are criticized for having high fees and locking its consumers in contracts that include a very complicated fee that makes it difficult to switch with other mobile carriers.

The country’s three biggest telecom firms, the NTT Docomo, KDDI, and Softbank will also be asked to lower their fees.

It is said that lowering smartphone fees is one of the Prime Ministers’ main concern before he took office last month.

Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga also wants to ban mobile carriers who charge high data fees in exchange for subsidizing device purchases.

But you might think that changing the plan or rules will give you more trouble. But it’s not!

  • 📱Users can continue using their email address even after switching to other carriers.
  • 📱They can still continue the same phone numbers.
  • 📱They will also promote the use of eSIMS, or sim cards that are embedded into the smartphones.

As of now, the action plan has not yet confirmed although it is said they will carry out the plan with a sense of urgency to help the consumers, especially during this pandemic.

What can you say about the Prime Ministers’ main project?

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