Covid-19 Vaccination!! 💉

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The covid vaccine offers 90% protection!!

Developers Pfizer and BioNTech have made the first effective coronavirus vaccine and thus to be effective of more than 90%!

It has been tested on 43,500 people in 6 countries and no safety concerns have been raised from those who were vaccinated.

It is indeed a great day for science and humanity, isn’t it?

How effective could it be?💉

Based on the developers’ test that is made it shows that two doses of vaccine and three weeks apart are needed.

They conducted trials in the US, Germany, Brazil, Argentina, South Africa, and Turkey and said to be 90% protection is achieved seven days after they take the second dose.

However, it has not been finalized yet.

When will the vaccine be available?💉

It is said that it will only be available for a limited number of people in 2020.

Developers say that they will still need to gather enough safety data and take their vaccine to the regulators to check.

Until it has been approved it will still not be possible for other countries to begin their vaccine campaigns.

Who would get it?💉

Countries will be deciding who should be prioritized first and not everyone will get the vaccine right away.

Of course, the front liners will be the very first on the list because they are the most prone and exposed.

They said people under 50 with no medical problems will be the last in the queue.

Like everyone else, we still do have a lot of unanswered questions, and that only time can tell.

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