Phrases For Breaking Up 💔

Have you ever had your heart broken??

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①→ It’s over.


②→ I think we need a break.


③→ We should break up.


④→ I need time to think about things.


⑤→ I’m done with you.

→「 あなたとはもう終わりよ。」

⑥→ I’m not in love with you anymore.


⑦→ There’s someone else.


⑧→ We make better friends.



①→ I’m sorry but I got things to do.


②→ I don’t have those feelings for you.


③→ Oh, I’m already seeing someone.


④→ I think you deserve a better lady than me.


⑤→ I just don’t see you in a romantic way.


⑥→ Of course, I like you, but I can’t think of you as more than a friend.

→「 もちろん、あなたのこと好きよ。だけど恋愛感情はないの。」


Learn to communicate your feelings in any parting situation!!

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