Nagoya LA King Hair Salon ♔

Greetings ya’ll!!

名古屋伏見英会話スクール ロケイシャス (LoQuacious)(エルキュー LQ)です!!

名古屋の有名な美容室LA Kingをご紹介します💗


LQ introduces the famous beauty salon, LA King, in Nagoya.

One of the most famous hair salons where many customers from overseas come to get their hair done.

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The hair salon ideally realizes high tone colors that are difficult for Japanese people.

①→ 透明感のあるカラー (Transparent Color)

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②→ 派手なカラーも美しく仕上げてくれます💗

The hairstylist Mr. King can finish flashy colors beautifully.


③→ 明るすぎないけど、オシャレなキングカラー!!

It’s not too bright, but you end up with a stylish color!!

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There are other color charts!!

Try to find your special color😊

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Recently, seminars have been held overseas.



It is a salon of great attention.

Why not visit the salon once if you want to know your ideal hair color that you can have confidence in!!

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If you want more details about the salon, come visit us at 名古屋伏見の英会話スクール ロケイシャス (LoQuacious)(エルキュー LQ)!!