Low Cost X-mas Gift Ideas 🎁

The Christmas season is just around the corner!

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X-mas 2020 here we come!🎄

As the saying goes “It’s the thought that counts!”, it’s really not about the money, but the thoughtfulness!!

Want to give everyone a gift this Christmas, but don’t have enough budget?

Don’t worry we’ve got you covered! All these gift ideas are from \1,000 to \3,000 only!


Here’ the list of some thoughtful yet cheap Christmas gifts that will make your pocket and loved ones happy🎁

🎁SocksGive your stylish man or woman in your life fancy feet by giving them a pair of socks!


🎁Personalized Tumbler or Mug Need a creative gift for your coffee lover? Worry no more with this personalized one with his or her name on it!


🎁Face Mask For the girls in your life. You can give them a box of the collagen sheet mask to give her skin a much-needed moisture boost!


🎁Embossed Leather Keychain You can find one on Amazon or Rakuten. You can put their initials, nickname, or their name. That way they won’t mix up their keys with anyone!


🎁Stationary or 2021 Diary Notebook For a busy person salaryman or a career woman. Convenient items such as a diary notebook can be a good present for them that can help increase their productivity.


🎁Parker Personalized Ballpen This is my personal favorite. A popular ballpoint pen that is used all over the world. The price is cheap but the quality is superb!


🎁Winter Muffler for Him or HerRecently an increasing number of men are wearing mufflers as a fashionable accent. There’s a huge selection of mufflers for women too at a very affordable price at some malls in town.


🎁 Hand Creams for Her Hand cream, which can be said to be a must-have for women to make their hands look beautiful as they age. L’Occitane has a fashionable package that is very pleasing.


🎁 Neck Tie Pin for Him If they use a tie in their work, it is a good idea to give them a tie-pin. We recommend the give a simple one so that they can also use it for other occasions


🎁 Handkerchief or Face Towel  You can give them miscellaneous goods such as towels and handkerchief that they can use in everyday life.

We hope you find the perfect gifts that will suit your loved ones!

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