LQ English In The Mornings ☕

What’s your morning routine? What is your morning like?

名古屋伏見英会話スクール ロケイシャス (LoQuacious)(エルキュー LQ)です!!

Aside from having a big breakfast or just a cup of coffee, how do you usually spend your mornings?

Let’s talk about your current morning routine and see where can we add and practice English!

These five suggestions are easy to integrate into your existing morning routine.

You can start your day with these simple and fun suggestions from 名古屋伏見の通い放題英会話スクールロケイシャス (LoQuacious)・(エルキュー LQ)!!

Waking up 🌞
As soon as you wake up, start by reading some phrases in English. It will allow your brain to train from new words and the language. 
While having a shower
 Play and listen to English music while taking a shower. Sing along with the music and you can improve your pronunciation and vocabulary.       
While eating breakfast 🥞
You probably watch the news while eating but why not watch it in English? By watching the news in English, you can practice everything, listening, vocabulary, pronunciation, and even grammar.       
While on the train or in your car 🚗
It doesn’t matter if you take public transportation or your own car. Make use of that time, you can play English music or do some English practice on your smartphone.

Make these activities part of your regular routine and you will still be on time for work!!

Why not spend your mornings here in LoQuacious? We are open from 07:00 in the morning, we can share the mornings with you and practice your English!!

You can start your day here and have coffee and of course, we’ll turn it into an English lesson along the way.

With such a little change in the morning, you can improve your English fluency.

No matter where you live, it’s best to expose yourself to lots of English.

You can see real results by going to 名古屋伏見の通い放題英会話スクールロケイシャス (LoQuacious)・(エルキュー LQ) in the morning before other things!!