LQ TOEFL #26 🖊

TOEFL test-takers challenge the questions below!!

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Questions 1–4 are incomplete sentences.

Below each sentence, you will see four words or phrases marked A, B, C, and D.

Examples 1-2

  1. The __ of Netflix is on the rise due to the stay-home promotions. 
  1. widespread use
  2. wide area
  3. leading
  4. insulation

2.   He’s a very __ person so he rather stays home.

  1. glue
  2. domesticated
  3. access
  4. exit

Practice Questions 1-4

  1. Due to the extension of the stay-home orders, many workers are __ work at home instead of the office.
    1. harder
    1. prove to be
    2. informer
    3. inclined to
  2.  People have been ordered to stay home __ to leave for life-line necessities.
    1. in fact
    2. less than usual
    3. indictment
    4. unless absolutely necessary
  3.  Students are to take online classes for __.
    1. the remainder of the year
    2. reminder of the year
    3. remain of the year
    4. remembering the year
  4.  The government of Nagoya will request to __.
    1. extension of the hoarders
    2. have extensive
    3. expenditures
    4. extend the stay-home orders

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