LQ TOEFL #27 🖊

TOEFL test-takers here’s your homework for today!!

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今回は, LQ TOEFL#27練習第六弾です‼ ぜひ解いてみてください‼↓


Questions 1–4 are incomplete sentences.

Below each sentence, you will see four words or phrases marked A, B, C, and D.

Examples 1-2

  1. The __ is the allocation of resources for those who will execute their given orders. 
  1. essential
  2. essence of strategy
  3. a short amount of time
  4. longest amount of sources

2.   The __ is fatal for those aiming for their dreams.

  1. lots of times
  2. loss of heart rate
  3. loss of jumping jacks
  4. loss of confidence

Practice Questions 1-4

  1. The harder you exercise the more __.
    1. the more calories you will burn
    1. the hotter you will be burned
    2. the height you will be
    3. fatty tissue it is
  2.  It’s not the strongest who survives __.
    1. but the ones who can adapt
    2. but the unusual happens
    3. though the curry rice was good
    4. though the weakness
  3.  In Fushimi Nagoya, you can __.
    1. find economical housings
    2. living at share house
    3. live
    4. build upon the rooms
  4.  Due to CV-19 most people __.
    1. outwit the gym
    2. strained
    3. are living in stressful
    4. are stressed out from staying indoors

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