LQ TOEFL #31 🖊

TOEFL test-takers here’s your quiz for today!!

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今回は, LQ TOEFL#31練習第六弾です‼ ぜひ解いてみてください‼↓


Questions 1–4 are incomplete sentences.

Below each sentence, you will see four words or phrases marked A, B, C, and D.

Examples 1-2

   1. Wildlife is __.

  1. disappearing at an alarming rate
  2. always protected by poachers
  3. growing twice as fast as we think
  4. out of control but should be taken lightly


    2. Many of the wildlife is disappearing primarily due to __.

  1. hunting, fishing, poaching, and harvesting
  2. a lack of food and access to clean water
  3. rampant diseases and a lack of sun
  4. poor weather conditions and lack of animal mating

Practice Questions 1-4

  1.  In order to protect wildlife trading __.
    1. humans must be lax on trading
    2. consumers should be charged higher prices
    3. humans should consume only animals that are not endangered 
    4. humans have the obligation to change consumer behavior
  2.  Illegal wildlife hunters __.
    1. that are convicted shouldn’t face prison time
    2. should face criminal prosecution
    3. should be allowed to hunt only at nights
    4. should be allowed to hunt non-endangered species 
  3.  Wildlife animals __.
    1. shouldn’t be held in captivity in zoos
    2. should be held, tamed and trained to live in human society
    3. have to tagged 
    4. that are endangered shouldn’t be protected 
  4.  Wildlife protection agencies __.
    1. should minimize wildlife tourism
    2. need to only protect animals that are beneficial to humans
    3. need to do more
    4. need to do less

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