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Questions 1–4 are incomplete sentences.

Below each sentence, you will see four words or phrases marked A, B, C, and D.

Examples 1-2

   1. Cybersecurity functions to __.

  1. protect systems, networks, and programs from digital attacks
  2. protecting systems, networks, and programs from digital attacks
  3. projecting systems, networks, and programs from attacks
  4. protect, a network working and programming for attacks


    2. Cyber attacks can __.

  1. unfold without notice at any time and anywhere
  2. fold with notice at any time and anywhere
  3. fool with noticed any time and anywhere
  4. dig with notice anytime and anywhere

Practice Questions 1-4

  1. Cybersecurity measures __.
    1. need to be implanted effectively
    2. needs to be challenging in order for it to work well
    3. need to imported or exported before it can work well
    4. need to be implemented effectively in order for it to work well
  2.  Cybersecurity companies __.
    1. advise users to back up their data once in a given year
    2. advise users to not be wary of emails with attachments
    3. enforce users to change passwords every other day
    4. recommend users have strong passwords
  3.  Cybersecurity companies __.
    1. educate users on how to design homepages
    2. help to prevent users from cybercrimes such as identity theft
    3. help to weed out unnecessary advertisements
    4. helps users to organize files and de-clutter emails
  4.   Cybersecurity companies now offer __.
    1. online English classes
    2. online classes to teach only about malware cyber threats
    3. security for only those who feel threatened
    4. security products that help scope out cyber threats

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