LQ TOEFL #36 🖊

TOEFL test-takers here’s your mini quiz for today!!

名古屋伏見英会話スクール ロケイシャス (LoQuacious)(エルキュー lq)です!!

今回は, LQ TOEFL#36練習第六弾です‼ ぜひ解いてみてください‼↓

Practice Questions 1-4

  1. Some universities __.
    1. try to color international students to attract a diversity
    2. try to draw international students to gain profits
    3. write international students to gain profits
    4. try to write international students to gain profits
  2. Deciding where to study __.
    1. is a huge responsibility, especially if you’re going to study overseas
    2. is as easy as a cake
    3. is a dramatic change if you join the situation
    4. not really a good idea because of the pollution
  3. Located in Nagoya City, LQ University __.
    1. is comprehending for all parties involved
    2. can comprehend for students
    3. is comprehensive of three undergrad programs
    4. is comprised of three undergraduate programs
  4.   Universities in America __.
    1. are easy to enter and easy to graduate
    2. are inexpensive and have awesome programs for every student
    3. are very expensive but offer scholarships to students who qualify for them
    4. are very expensive but offer part-time jobs for every student who wants a job

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