LQ TOEFL #39 🖊

TOEFL learners here’s your mini quiz for today!!

名古屋伏見英会話スクール ロケイシャス (LoQuacious)(エルキュー lq)です!!

今回は, LQ TOEFL#39練習第六弾です‼ ぜひ解いてみてください‼↓

Practice Questions 1-4

  1.  As age sets in, __.
    1. the elderly are too often near by
    2. the elderly are too often considered to be unattractive or non-productive members of society
    3. elderly people are quite considered members of society
    4. elderly people focus on getting there
  2.  Elderly people in __.
    1. Asia are exotic all the time
    2. in Asian are unheard of or rarely seen
    3. in exotic countries are well known
    4. Asian countries have been known to respect and honor their elderly
  3. Unfortunately, __.
    1. many elderly people have not thoughtfully planned financially for retirement
    2. many elderly people have no thoughts
    3. elderly people are fully capable of producing veggies
    4. elderly people are not aware of time
  4. With great regret, __.
    1. some elderly like to snack on sweets or salty foods
    2. some elderly suffer without coffee services
    3. some elderly are being abused or not eating properly in care homes
    4. some elderly are moving around without permission

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