LQ TOEFL #40 🖊

TOEFL learners here’s your mini quiz for today!!

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今回は, LQ TOEFL#40練習第六弾です‼ ぜひ解いてみてください‼↓

Practice Questions 1-4

  1. In order to understand the function of renewable energy in the electricity market __.
    1. you need to review your notes
    2. citizens need to practice how to use electricity
    3. it is paramount to know how other countries electricity grid and market are organized
    4. the government needs to incorporate rules
  2. Electricity in the world is normally __.
    1. used without permission
    2. is always under state control
    3. generated using a various kinds of resources and technologies
    4. is free of charge
  3. The vast network structure of electricity __.
    1. helps sustain the reliability of electric grids by delivering various pathways for power to flow
    2. sustains peoples life
    3. retains the flow of power
    4. controls our life
  4.  Without electricity, __.
    1. many people will not be able to function well in life
    2. the human race will seize 
    3. some elderly will become dependent on the government
    4. young people will not be able to work

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