LQ TOEIC #14 📖

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TOEIC test-learners give these questions a 5 minutes try

LQ TOEIC Reading Q&A↓

Select 1 best answer to complete the sentence.

①→ Scientists __ the moon have found new organic compounds.

(A) containing
(B) discovery
(C) exploring
(D) storage


②→ According to scientists, Mars has a __ atmosphere.

(A) dense
(B) fire
(C) flaunted
(D) armed


③→ Astronomers have __ rare images of unknown objects near the solar system.

(A) ruptured
(B) captured
(C) nurtured
(D) nature


④→ Some amateur scientists believe the universe is still __.

(A) exclusion
(B) extension
(C) expanding
(D) exterior


⑤→ __ researchers have discovered the Ozone layer is un-repairable.

(A) Concluded
(B) Increased
(C) Atmospheric
(D) Beyond

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