LQ TOEIC #26 📖

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名古屋伏見英会話スクール ロケイシャス (LoQuacious)・(エルキュー LQ)です!!

TOEIC test-learners try & tackle these questions

Read the passages & answer 4 multiple-choice questions.

Subject→ LoQuacious Departmental Changes

Dear LQ Management Team, 

Good afternoon. There is a new change coming to our department that I wish to inform you about. 

Due to the CV-19 pandemic, our LQ Instructors Team will finally be able to conduct the ZOOM classes starting from June 1st, 2020. 

All LQ staff and Instructors will receive ZOOM training starting from next Monday. 

This is, in general, very good news for all of us, Instructors will be able to conduct the classes from their homes –

which will both decrease our school expenses and prepare us for the heightened online operations.

I am scheduling an urgent staff meeting this Friday from 10 am to 12 pm where I’ll outline the steps of this essential transition; refreshments will be provided.

Please feel free to contact me at any time if you have any questions or concerns.

Best regards,

LQ CEO Denver
Email: loquacious@outlook.jp
Phone: 052-211-7519

Dear Denver,
Thanks for your email. I’d like to remind you that we already have a scheduled sales meeting this Friday at the aforementioned time.

If need be I can re-arrange the scheduled sales meeting. Please let me know as soon as possible as we already reserved the meeting room and need to cancel one day in advance.

LQ Jerry


①→ Why will Denver schedule an urgent meeting?

  He will outline the steps for the new ZOOM online classes
  He will cancel the ZOOM classes
  He wants to prepare refreshments 
  He will discuss the school expenses

②→ In his email, Jerry offers to

  re-arrange the meeting room
  change the meeting time
  arrange the meeting room
  cancel the already scheduled meeting

③→ When will the urgent meeting be held?

  In the morning
  In the evening
  In the afternoon
  On June 1st 

④→ What is the new change? 

  ZOOM classes
  Canceled ZOOM classes
  Refreshments will be offered each class

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