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TOEIC test-learners try & tackle these questions

Read the passage & answer 4 multiple-choice questions.

From: Tim Jensen  Email: tim@outlook.jp
Subject: Earphone defect
Date: 2020.5.23
To: loquacious@outlook.jp

Dear Customer Care Agent Mr. Denver:

I wish to complain about the SE earphones 2B1 version that I purchased on 2020.5.22 at the Sakae store in Nagoya City.

I am complaining because the left earphone produces no sound. To resolve this problem, hopefully your head office either sends me a new set of earphones or refunds my money if another pair cannot be issued.

When I first learned of this problem, I contacted and talked with customer service agent Mr. Jacob this morning at your company, and was told that nothing could be done about my problem.

I believe that this response is unfair because the earphones are new and of course the warranty is still valid. I would like a written statement explaining your company’s position and what you will do about my complaint.

I look forward to hearing from you as soon as possible to resolve this problem. If I do not hear from you within 5 days I will file complaints with the appropriate consumer agencies and consider my legal alternatives.

I am attaching copies of my receipt and the pictures of the product with the serial number.

You may reply to me at this email or call me at 05-111-4321.


Tim Jensen

①→ When did Tim call the store?

  On the 23rd of March
  On the 22nd of March
  On the 23rd of May
  On the 29th of May


②→ What did Tim request from the store?

  A written response from the store and what they will do about his complaint
  To solve the problem as soon as possible
  A new warranty to be added 
  To repair the left side of the earphone


③→ What did Tim say he will do if there is no response from the store?

  He will go to the store again after 5 days
  He will have a meeting with customer service agent Jacob
  He will not do anything
  He will file complaints


④→ Which store did Tim purchase the earphones? 

  The main store
  The head office
  The Nagoya Store
  The Sakae Store

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