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TOEIC test-learners try these questions

Read the passages & answer 4 multiple-choice questions.

Hi Sara,

LQ has agreed to pay for transportation for all students who will be taking the bus.  We’ve booked seats for the 06:30 am bus leaving from Fushimi Station.

All students going by bus should arrive there by 06:00 am, and we can then share the USJ plan to everyone on the bus, which I understand is a 3 hour direct ride, thus we should easily make it to USJ by 09:30.

Hotel accommodation has been booked on Saturday at the LoQuacious Palace. LQ management have agreed that all students should have their own rooms since they are paying for the rooms.

It’s likely that some will have singles, while others will have doubles and twins. Breakfast is not included.

All rooms will have a city view, and should be very relaxing. We’re planning to return on Sunday so we will leave 17:30 from USJ which will get us back to Nagoya at 21:00.

I’ll be booking the private bus on Wednesday morning (14th June), so if you have anything that needs to be done, make sure you contact me before then.


Dear John

Sorry, for the late reply. I was off for this week due to the CV-19 and didn’t get your message until this afternoon. Thank you for booking the bus. I’m planning to go to USJ by car, so I’ll meet you directly at USJ in front of the ticket gates.

Please send me a line after you arrive there. Is there any chance I can bring my friend? She is actually coming from England that week.

Sara Jenkins


1  What time will the bus to USJ will leave from Fushimi Station?


 2  Which of the following is true about the journey John has planned?

The private bus will depart June 14th
Students will be booked in 2 separate hotels
The bus will stop at the rest stop for 90 min
The rooms will have a city view



3  What does Sara ask John?

If she can bring her friend
If it’s ok to take her car
If it’s ok to meet to meet outside of USJ
If it’s ok to visit England after the USJ trip

4  What are the students likely to recieve?

Free USJ passports
Free accomodations
To be placed in different rooms
Free breakfast
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