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TOEIC test-takers try these questions

Read the passages & answer 4 multiple-choice questions.

To: Car Owner
From: George Kentucky
Subject: Your car
Sent: May 25th, 2020

Hello. I’ve been looking at the photos of your online car buyer’s ad. My wife and I are interested in buying the red Z28 which is up for sale in the Sakae Camero shop. The car could be ideal if you are willing to negotiate a cheaper price. Your asking price is about $5000 above our budget. We also want to confirm the mileage. I’m not sure if the car still has the spoiler still mounted on it too. Could you let me know about these details? Essentially, are you open to negotiate the price? Please let me know when the car will be available for inspecting and test driving.

Thank you.
George Kentucky


To: George
From: Dustin
Subject: My car
Sent: May 27th, 2020

Hi. Thanks for your inquiry. I’m ecstatic about selling my Z28 privately. You and your wife are welcome to call me at 052-211-7519 to schedule a time to check it out and test drive it.

I will be showing it to others this weekend at the Sakae shop and for you I’m willing to negotiate but will not be able to discount the price too much. I have just spent $2000 on rebuilding the interior and it got a new oil change.

Please let me know when the best time for you guys to drop by.



1  What is the most important thing George asks Dustin?

About the mileage
About the spoiler
Negotiate the price
Inspection of the car

 2  How much did Dustin invest in the car?




3  Where is the car now?

Dustin’s place
The Sakae Camero Shop
Getting inspected
At the mechanics

4  Will Dustin be able to negotiate a price?

It depends on George’s offer
He will discount $2000 only
He can but cannot discount that much
Only if George comes this weekend
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