LQ TOEIC #40 📖

名古屋伏見英会話スクール ロケイシャス (LoQuacious)・(エルキュー LQ)です!!

TOEICテストリーディング  challengers we dare you to challenge these questions↓

LQ TOEIC Reading Q&A #1↓

Select 1 best answer to complete the sentence.

①→ Used brand items are in __ demand right now.

(A) hike
(B) sights
(C) high
(D) insights


②→ Well-known or more high end brands sell the __.

(A) quick
(B) quirky
(C) quickie
(D) quickest


③→ The more you share about used items, the more you __. 

(A) cells
(B) cell
(C) sale
(D) sell


④→ It’s good to offer __ to regular customers. 

(A) discounts
(B) disbelief
(C) disable
(D) disturb


⑤→ Make sure your used clothes are clean and in __ condition.

(A) derailed
(B) detail
(C) decrease
(D) decent

Collect the answers at 名古屋伏見の通い放題英会話スクールロケイシャス (LoQuacious)・(エルキュー LQ)!!