LQ TOEIC #43 📖

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TOEICテストリーディング  challengers, we dare you to challenge these questions

LQ TOEIC Reading Q&A #1↓

Select 1 best answer to complete the sentence.

①→ In order to be a physical therapist, students must first master the area of science such as human __. 

(A) atoms
(B) antonyms
(C) anatomy
(D) Adams


②→ Physical therapists assist patients to regain or elevate their physical abilities from accident, injury, or __.

(A) deformity
(B) deforms
(C) dissolve
(D) dissolved


③→ Individuals with the right __ certifications and experience are preferred.

(A) corrected
(B) specialty 
(C) unique
(D) eccentric


④→ Applicants are required to submit a cover letter __ their interest and expertise and also a resume by email.

(A) scribble
(B) describing
(C) explanation
(D) exceed


⑤→ There are integrated clinical experiences for students __ in the Physical Therapy programs.

(A) exiting
(B) enrolled
(C) rolling
(D) roller

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