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EX1 Letter

4 Burrard St, Vancouver, Canada V5H 4E5
Tel: (604) 244-1829

Jan 1st, 2019

Jessica Suzuki
7 Stevens Rd.
Richmond, BC, Canada V6H 4E7

Dear Ms. Jessica,

New Year’s Day Sale

Happy New Year!! As a(n) _______ regular customer, we are inviting you to our New Year’s Day Sale. All LQ Home Center items will be 40 to 60% off from Jan 1st to Jan 7th.

(A) intentional
(B) consequential
(C) important

We will be offering refreshments and a _____________ Starbucks coffee ticket for all customers who buy at least 2 items.

(A) complimentary
(B) unexpected
(C) lame
(D) elegant

Please let us know if you will be coming to the sale by car. _____________ staff will prepare a parking space number for you.

(A) Our
(B) Out
(C) Off
(D) Only

Best regards,

LQ Customer Service Center

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