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今日, TOEICテストで使用されるいくつかの新しい英単語を紹介します.


意味がわからない場合は, 辞書を使用しても構いません.

noun (n) = 名詞

verb (v) = 動詞

adjective (a) = 形容詞

①→ assassination
n. act of assassinating; killing by violence; the murder of public figure by surprise attack (JFK • Martin Luther King)

②→ assemble
v. Syn. gather
put together; bring or call together into a group 

③→ asset
n. Syn. properties; advantage
properties; useful or of valuable quality

④→ assignment
n. Syn. task; job
a task given to students; job; distribution

⑤→ associate
v. Syn. pertain; connect
connect or join together; combine

⑥→ assorted
a. Syn. varied; miscellaneous

⑦→ assume
v. Syn. suppose; presume
suppose; presume; take on; bear

⑧→ assurance
n. Syn. certainty; confidence; insurance; guaranty
promise or pledge; certainty; self-confidence; doubtless 

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