Hot Pot Time!! 🍲

It’s getting colder and colder recently. What hot foods do you recommend??

名古屋伏見英会話スクール ロケイシャス (LoQuacious)・(エルキュー LQ)です!!

寒くなるとお鍋が恋しくなりますね。I feel like eating Nabe (Hot pot) in winter!! 🥘

お鍋は色んなバリエーションで楽しめます‼You can enjoy various kinds of hot pots!!

まずはシンプルイズベスト‼『水炊き』The first hot pot LQ recommends is 『Mizutaki』.

「水炊き 写真」の画像検索結果


When you eat it, you dip it in the Ponzu or sesame sauce.


If you like spicy foods, LQ recommends『Kimuchi Nabe』.

Add some gochujang & you will become hot!!


健康に良いトマトをたくさん使った、洋風のトマト鍋。最後はリゾットで〆ます。It is very healthy.


『Tomato Nabe』. For the last part, you can make a risotto using what is leftover.



This is one of the local foods in Hokkaido. It ‘s called『Ishikari Nabe』


いかがですか?? 準備も楽でおいしく、野菜もたくさん食べられるお鍋。

What do you think about it?? It is easy to prepare and you can intake a lot of veggies!!

是非今夜はお鍋にしませんか?? Let’s have a “hot pot” for dinner!! 🍽

Which is your favorite hotpot?? Make it, eat it, and then come talk about it at 伏見の英会話エルキュー LQ!!