PlayStation 5 Console 🎮

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Today, Sony Interactive Entertainment Inc starts selling its next-generation PlayStation 5 video game consoles in Japan.

Sony Corp’s game unit promotes the data-processing efficiency of the new console, saying it is 100 times faster than the PS4, which its predecessor released in February 2014.

The PS5 device with an Ultra HD Blu-ray disc drive is priced at \49,980 and the digital version without a disc drive is sold for \39,980.

Because of the COVID-19, gaming industry sales have been on a tear among consumers staying home, helping drive up Sony’s share for up to 46% since its lows in March.

Before on every console’s launch day, customers lined up at shops but now due to the COVID-19, the PS5 will only be available via online reservations.

In Japan, retail chain Nojime Corporation was the first one to accepts reservations, attracting more than 100 times as many as it expected to sell via its online reservation system.

Major auction sites also already have a range of listings for the new console.

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