Stranger Things Phrases 📺

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Hi guys!! You like the Stranger Things Movie, don’t you?💕



①→ “He’s probably just playing hooky, okay?”


play hooky =(学校や仕事を)ズル休みする ※Ditch school も同じ意味


②→ “He’s not like that.  He wouldn’t do that.”



③→ “Well, you never know.”

“I mean, my mom thought I was on the debate team

when really I was just screwing Chrissy Carpenter in the back of my dad’s Oldsmobile.”

( わからないぞ。俺だって母親にウソついて、彼女と車の後部座席でイチャイチャしてたからな。)


④→He has a couple of friends, but, you know, the kids, they’re mean.”

(友達は何人かいるけど… ほら、子どもってイジワルでしょ?)

“They make fun of him. They call him names.”

(ウィルをからかうのよ。悪口を言うの。)mean = 意地悪


⑤→ “A friend is someone that you’d do anything for.”



⑥→ “You lend them your cool stuff, like comic books and trading cards.”



⑦→ “Lucas, come on, seriously?”(冗談でしょ?)
“How gullible do you think I am?” (どれだけ私がダマサれやすいと思ってるの?)

gullible = ダマサれやすい


⑧→ “I’m gonna run you a nice bath and it’ll warm you up.”


run (someone) a bath・draw (someone) a bath = someoneのためにお風呂をためる


⑨→ “How’s that sound?”(どう思う?)

How’s は How does の省略。直訳すると「どう聞こえる?」ですが、「あなたはどう思う?」という意味で使います。

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