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Today’s TOEIC Reading Double Passages 2↓

Read the passages & answer 4 multiple-choice questions.

Hi Monica,

Regarding the request for renting one unit, I spoke with my wife yesterday and she says it’s okay.

We would need about a week to finish the indoor wallpapering and do some touches on the entrance door.

Also, we have a BBQ set that you can use freely. The massage chair will cost extra.

There are just a couple of conditions we have.

1) Please pay a one time deposit of $500.00 to cover the fire insurance, security, and monthly cleaning fee.

2) Please pay the rent by the 10th of every month.

If you accept these 2 conditions and are interested to rent the unit, please let us know as soon as possible or by the latest of this month (Nov 30th).

Don’t hesitate to text or call me if you have any questions.


Dear Denver,
Thanks for your email regarding the available unit. I’d like like to rent it as soon as you complete the indoor wallpapering and touches on the entrance door.

The unit is much closer to my office than having to travel an hour every weekday which I’m tired of doing. I will send you the $500.00 deposit to you this week.

Could you let me know your bank details, please? You mentioned the massage chair will cost extra. I was wondering if you could tell me how much the cost would be. 

Is it a monthly charge for the use or one-time charge? I’m also concerned whether the entrance door lock has been changed to a new one. If it hasn’t been changed,

would it be possible to have the lock changed? 



①→ Why does Monica need a unit?

  She is tired of traveling a long time
  She will be getting a divorce
  She is starting a new job
  The city is better than the country

②→ What can Monica use that is included in renting the unit?

  a rocking chair
  a BBQ set
  massage chair
  car parking

③→ In her email, Monica expresses concern about

  the door
  the door locks
  the entrance door lock
  the entrance door color change

④→ When is Monica going to make the deposit? 

  After she moves into the unit
  Before she moves into the unit
  After she moves out of the unit
  Before she moves out of the unit

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