Whatchamacallit?? (Video) 📖

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This word will be useful when speaking with native speakers↓↓

Whatchamacallit = What you may call it

The meaning (意味) in Japanese means → えとね〜…何だっけ? or あの, 何て言うんだっけ??

Click on the video to listen to the pronunciation (発音)↓↓


L. “I’m going to the supermarket. Need anything?” (スーパーマーケットに行くけど、何かいる⁇)

Q. “Would you get me some, uh..ah..whatchamacallit??” (えとね〜…何だっけ? or あの, 何て言うんだっけ??)


L. “Let’s eat at the steak place, um whatchamacallit again?”(あのステーキ屋さんに行こうよ。え…何て言う場所だっけ?)

Q. “You mean Bronco Billy’s??”ブロンコビリー屋のこと??) 🥩

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