What’s Mind Map?? 🗺

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マインドマップをご存じですか?Do you know what “Mind Map” is?



It was created by Tony Buzon who was an English journalist.



You can organize your thoughts, enhance your creativity & improve your memory by using a mind map.


It’s called the「Mind Map」because it’s similar to a map.


This method has a broad utility and not only when you make new ideas but also when you learn English as well.



Below are some examples↓

まず中心に「Coffee」と書きそこから連想される言葉を書き出します。First, write “Coffee” in the center of the paper.

And write words that you could associate from “Coffee”.


これだけですでに10個の単語が出てきました。Already there are 10 words.


In addition, you associate these words in the same way.


Repeat this style and if you can’t associate any further then the cycle is completed.

電球のアイデアクリエイティブダイアグラムのコンセプト 無料写真

書くときの注意としては This point when you make it is

①→ 無地の紙を使う(大きい方が良い)①→ Use plain paper (The Bigger one is better)

②→ 横長に線を伸ばしていく ②→ Write wider on paper

③→ たくさんの色を使い絵も入れる ③→ Use a lot of colors and use some pictures.


Use many images and pictures, it’s quite good for your memory.


Seeing the whole is a useful tool to solve some problems.


These days, in some countries the mind map is an acquired course.

是非マインドマップを日々の生活に活用してください‼ Would you use mind map in your life??

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