2019 X-mas Gift Ideas!! 🎁

In need of some X-mas gift ideas?? 🌲

名古屋伏見英会話スクール ロケイシャス (LoQuacious)・(エルキュー LQ)です!!

クリスマス, 皆さんは大切な人に何を贈りますか⁇

What gifts will you give to your close ones??

どんなプレゼントが喜ばれるか考えてみましょう‼ Let’s think about some Christmas gifts!!

男性編・For the guys…how about↓↓

①→ マフラー・ストール・Scarf・Muffler


Guys sometimes don’t buy these items themselves but it may be helpful gifts to help them protect against cold.


②→ 高級な文房具・High Quality Stationery Goods


Sometimes guys don’t buy these items themselves but high-quality stationery may raise their motivation.


女性編・For the ladies…how about↓↓

①→ アクセサリー・Accessories


It’s a popular gift choice for males to choose for their close ones. When they select it they think about her & it makes her feel happy.


②→ 高級パック、化粧品・High quality face masks・Cosmetics


Ladies can’t buy it all themselves but they want it.


③→ 花束・Flower Bouquet


Some men hesitate to give bouquet’s but it will definitely make them happy.


子供(男の子)・For the boys…how about↓↓

①→ 知育玩具・Intellectual Toys


There are many different kinds of intellectual toys.


②→ 鉄道模型・Railroad Model

男の子なら1度は通る道ですね!! Most boys want it!!


③→ ヒーロー玩具・Toys of Hero figures



子供(女の子)For the girls…how about↓↓

①→ 知育玩具・Intellectual Toys


They are also popular among girls.


②→ おままごとセット・Play House Toys


Recently, there are various stylish types of playhouses.


③→ ぬいぐるみ・A Stuffed Animal


Have you always wanted a stuffed big bear??


When you choose the gift, you imagine a happy response you will get when you give the gift to the receiver.


And it makes them happier than anything else.

Let’s think about X-mas gifts at 伏見の英会話エルキューLQ!!